User’s Guide to Suboxone: 

Taking buprenorphine for opiate dependence. 


This e-book is written by Jeffrey T Junig MD PhD, author of Suboxone Talk Zone and the creator of Suboxone Forum.  The book answers the most common questions that he receives by e-mail about having surgery while on buprenorphine, pregnancy, interactions with other medications, and how to deal with chronic pain when taking Suboxone or Subutex.


Click the button to purchase at a secure, encrypted site;  after purchase you will receive a link to download the book and a code to open the book.    The e-book cannot be printed without my permission, to protect the copyright of the book.  Note:  This is an E-BOOK, i.e. a file that downloads for reading on a computer or smart phone.

As the producer of the blog Suboxone Talk Zone, Subox Forum,  and a number of youtube videos, I receive many e-mails  each day asking how to deal with issues related to maintenance treatment with buprenorphine, more commonly known by the trade name Suboxone.  I write back when I can, but I have fallen behind as more people use buprenorphine for the huge problem of opiate dependence.  So I put together an e-book that discusses my answers to the most common questions that I receive, specifically  how I handle surgery, pregnancy, chronic pain and other difficult issues in my patients taking Suboxone. 

Copyright ©  Jeffrey T Junig MD PhD 2009;  All rights reserved

Taking Suboxone?

Take it Right.

Why should I listen to you?!


I know that you will find the material interesting.  I give specific answers, not the general comments that one usually reads in e-books.  I only ask that you use the information ONLY to prompt discussions with your OWN physician.  I am NOT making medical recommendations for YOU, but rather giving you information to share with your own doctor.  Thanks for your purchase of my e-book!       JJ

You Shouldn’t.

Not as the final authority, anyway.   Buprenorphine is a dangerous prescription medication when taken improperly, but becomes an incredible tool in the battle against addiction when used properly.   Unfortunately there is a growing problem of diversion of the medication to street use by addicts wanting a ‘break’ from active addiction to heroin or oxycodone.  I strongly recommend that anyone taking the medication on the street find a legitimate treatment professional so that they are sure to use the medication safely and legally.  But...

There is not enough talking going on!


I hear from many people who are confused about the proper way to take buprenorphine, and what to do when certain situations arise— such as pregnancy or the need for pain medications for surgery.  I hear of ‘practice models’ where patients are simply given scripts by a counselor and rarely SEE the doctor, let alone have a discussion about these concerns.  THAT is NOT good medicine.  This guide to buprenorphine intends to change that.



There is clearly a subtle or not-so-subtle discrimination against those who become addicted to opiates (pain pills) or other medications and substances.  I went from Department Chairman to unemployed nobody in the blink of an eye during my own struggle with addiction.  I have a PhD in Neuroscience from a leading University and I am Boarded in Anesthesiology, but even after completing a new, second residency and becoming Board Certified in Psychiatry, I am sometimes talked to as if I were a child by other doctors— so I can only imagine how it must be for other people!  There are TV shows where ‘normal’ folks can watch people suffer from their addictions, but don’t hold your breath for a Telethon on the behalf of those suffering from opiate withdrawal.


But you did not ask to become addicted, and you have been punished more than enough for the mistakes you have made.  You deserve good medical care!

User’s Guide to Suboxone: 

Taking buprenorphine for opiate dependence.

My e-book: User’s Guide to Suboxone


The first thing necessary for good care is your ability to speak with your physician and understand the conversation.  Doctors use too much technical jargon, so don’t be afraid to ask for the translation!  It is also important that you understand the basic idea behind buprenorphine, and I recommend that you visit the manufacturer’s web site for that information.  I produced this e-book to start you off  on a discussion with your doctor about how to handle the many situations that impact buprenorphine maintenance.  


Ties go to your doctor!


If I write something at odds with your physician, you MUST follow your physician’s instructions.  There are different ways to handle most medical situations— it is more complicated than ‘red pills’ and ‘blue pills’— and I am NOT in a position to take over your medical care.  My goal with this e-book is to start the appropriate dialogue, and give you the background that you need to ask the right questions.



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